The Bishop of Karpasia Christophoros will not be a candidate in the Archdiocesan elections

The Bishop of Karpasia Christophoros will not participate in the process of filling the Archbishop’s Throne, according to his written statement.

As mentioned, when Karpasias Christophoros announced his interest, as High Priest, in the nomination of a new Archbishop, he clearly stated that, “the succession to the Archbishop’s throne is primarily a purely ecclesiastical event, rather than an electoral process. An event which has its reference to the essence of the Church, which is the Body of Christ. Therefore, it cannot be an ordinary secular process, which will bring out contention, confrontation, conflicts and human passions and weaknesses.

Therefore, the announcement continues, “I observed that, in this ecclesiastical event, we are not looking for the best because there is simply no best compared to others, since the Primate of a Church does not act independently, nor monolithically determines, does not impose his own program, nor administers from alone, but synodically, consensually, unitedly, fraternally, in the spirit of love and understanding together with the other High Priests”.

He adds that therefore, “given the expressed interest of several worthy Synodical Brothers to minister from the position of Archbishop to the Church and our country in general and in a practical and not just a verbal effort to contribute to the necessary unity, I will not participate in the first phase of the process filling the Archbishop’s Throne”.

He also notes that “as the High Priest of our Church, through our synodical system and with absolute respect for the diversity of positions, and with unity in mind, I will accompany with love and peace, regardless of the result, with whoever is elected, for the benefit of the Church and our Land and to the glory of God”.

The Bishop of Karpasia Christophoros thanks all those who believed in the approach of this image for the Church, an image purely theological and ecclesiological, which will approach man psychosomatically and cover all his existential needs.

“Let this process be done with a lot of prayer and prudence, nobility and honor in order to be entitled to God’s help,” the announcement concludes.

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