The common secret for Pispirigu that no one dared to reveal

Public opinion has been shocked by the revelations about Roula Pispirigou, who remains being held in Korydallos, on charges of murdering Georgina’s 9-year-old daughter.

In the last few days, messages from the accused came to light, which she exchanged with her estranged husband and sister.

The common secret

From these messages, it appears that both Manos Daskalakis and Dimitra Pispirigou knew something about Roula Pispirigou, but never revealed it to anyone. Eleni’s mother knew the same.

What is this? That Roula Pispirigou years now “was not well”. From the words of her closest relatives, it appears that she was a peculiar character with outbursts and emotional transitions, manipulative with self-destructive tendencies.

The point is, since the above is proven by the words of her mother and sister and her husband, why did none of them speak? Why until the messages were revealed, everyone was talking about Roula in the best words? The answer to this question is given by the psychologist Mrs. Kandaraki.

Daskalakis: “You are not well and you never were”

In the messages that Pispirigou exchanged with Daskalakis and were published by the newspaper “Bam”, it appears from the words of Manos Daskalakis himself, that Roula Pispirigou had threatened him several times that he would commit suicide.

Pispirigou, at 2.09 at noon on April 6, 2021, sends a message that upsets Daskalakis, implying that she will end her life.

Roula: “Take care of my child and remember that I love you very much”.

Manos: “Where is the child?… If you do any m *** it will become p ***. I call them all and the police now… It will be p ***… I will take your mother… In the evening I will go to pick up the child from the village and do not dare to bother us again, do what you like… If you have guilt pull suicides… »!

Manos: “You will not make us all m *** with what I want… You are not well and you never were. Prove it with this move έχεις You have done it two more times, I’m not afraid of you “.

Dimitra Pispirigou: “Get rid of the idiot, they will put you in psychiatry”

In the messages with her sister, the harsh language that Dimitra used for the family life of the accused causes a sensation.

The shocking conversations between the two women prove the turbulent and problematic relationship of the couple from Patras, while the sister of the accused appears clearly critical in terms of educating the children of the Daskalaki family.

In the threats that Roula would commit suicide her sister, she sends the following message: “I pick up the phone, the devil will take you έχεις You have made them a whore… lose your children and you have another one that burns for you you say start **… Crush and pick it up σα I talked to Manos… and the child will do very well to take it… Your child plants you may die and you send messages like the old p *******. “Pick it up now and let go of the threats.”

In another message he writes: “Pick it up now… And then suicide… If you do not pick it up I will go to the prosecutor and I will report both of you and the child will go to an institution… If you want this for your child, shame on you being a mother ».

And while Pispirigu was not responding to her sister, he tells her the following shocking: “Get rid of the idiot, they will put you in psychiatry”

Eleni Legatou: “” She could have hurt herself… “

Roula Pispirigou’s mother, Eleni, speaking to STAR a few weeks ago said: “She could have hurt herself but not her children.”

Does this attack raise the following question? Why would anyone hurt himself? What was her mother afraid of? Maybe the fact that at times he threatened to commit suicide? However, this in itself makes her problematic as an individual.

Psychologist Anna Kandaraki spoke about pathology in the whole Pispirigou family in her statements on SKAI TV, referring to the 95 SMS exchanged by sisters Roula and Dimitra. In the comment that the sister of the pre-trial prisoner Roula was trying to calm her down, Ms. Kandaraki countered that a merging relationship is emerging, where you do not understand who the mother is and who the aunt is.

“We are seeing a merger. We do not know who the mom is and who the aunt is. We do not know who the grandmother is and who the mother is. “There is a merger that we do not know where one role starts and where the other begins and this mixing of roles confuses the children a lot”, said Ms. Kandaraki.

The psychologist added that during their lives the three children of Roula Pispirigou and Manos Daskalakis did not just have a hard time but “died every day”.

He added that what is required through such tragedies are young parents when they see that they have now learned to communicate through violence to ask for help.

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