Affinity 2 already has all the graphics tools in one package.  However, unlike Photoshop, it is still subscription-free

Graphics editor Photopea working directly on the web has learned more new tricks since spring. As its author Ivan Kuckir explains on the blogthe main attractions of the current version 5.4 are the PeaDrive cloud disk and the Vanishing Point function.

Thanks PeaDrive you will always have the files with you without having to carry them on a flash drive or upload them from other storages. Users have a capacity of 500 MB in the free version of Photopea, and 5 GB in the premium version. The paid version, priced at $40 per year, is also ad-free, has twice the edit history, and has more features.

Vanishing Point is a tool known from Photoshop, where in the Czech version it is found under the name vanishing point. It works the same way in Photopea. First, you select a function from the filter menu, and then you draw one or more grids symbolizing real surfaces on the image. In this way, you give Photopea information about the space, and in return it allows you to draw or insert other images into the image, which will then be correctly distorted in perspective.

But Photopea also has other enhancers. He can batch convert files to other formats, opens .clip files from the Clip Studio Paint editor and promises up to four times faster drawing.

Added the so-called Focus Stacking mainly used in macro photography, when you photograph small objects focused in several planes, where only a small part is always sharp. The software then takes several images, aligns them, and blends them so that the entire object is sharp.

Photopea also understands s AI image generators. Currently working with Dall-E, but the server is always full. However, you can register your own account, generate an API key, and then insert it into Photopea. The editor can then not only generate images as desired, but also draw the missing parts.

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