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The Praga Cars company presents the wonderful Bohema hyper sports car, which will be produced in the Czech Republic. Praga thus continues its racing activities and rich development from go-karts to smaller circuit cars.

Ex-Formula 1 pilot Romain Grosjean took part in the development, and the company also mentions the participation of British racer Ben Collins, who became famous as Stig in the Top Gear show. The Kresta Racing company of former WRC competitor Roman Kresta will help with production.

Prague God it has a carbon monocoque and carbon body parts, thanks to which it weighs only 982 kilograms. The 3.8-liter six-cylinder is supplied by Nissan and the base output is 522 kW (710 hp), but Litchfield Engineering can tune it to over 1,000 hp according to customer preferences. The maximum speed is 300 km/h, but given the previous sentence it is clear that this value is not final. The aerodynamics of the Bohemy at a speed of 250 km/h ensure a downforce of 900 kg.

God in motion:

Praga is at home on race tracks, but Bohema is also homologated for operation on public roads. The two-seater interior also corresponds to this – although it is spartan, you cannot deny its style and racing atmosphere. Leather, alcantara and colored stitching looks great.

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The steering wheel has an integrated display that displays key driving data (see the gallery for more interior images). There was also room for integrated luggage.

The car is in the pre-production prototype phase, currently undergoing a series of necessary tests, Praga will announce the final specifications in the first half of 2023, and production will begin in the second half. The plan is about 20 pieces per year, prices start at about 38 million crowns. Part of the handover to the customer will be a circuit day where Praga will present the car to the customer.

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The Praga brand has a rich history behind it.

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