Joint announcement of Anorthosis Famagusta and Timur Ketspaia

Joint announcement by Anorthosis and Timur Ketspaia for the end of their cooperation.


Anorthosis Famagusta and coach Timur Ketspaia, inform that they reached an agreement for a common consent to end their cooperation. Timur leaves after three years on the bench and 119 games.

Much may have been heard and written. There were, and unfortunately there were not, moments of tension and disagreement. However, what always united us in the end, what prevailed, was, is and will be our Anorthosis.

All sides discussed in an atmosphere of respect and understanding to find the best possible solution because they recognize that the relations are not purely professional but also love for the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAnorthosis Famagusta.

Timur Ketspaia’s offer is not just numbers, victories, trophies and marches in the European Cups, but first and foremost countless emotions that will unite us. Several pages of the sports history of the club have a wide signature.

In his turn, Timur Ketspaia thanks everyone in the Anorthosis building, the management of the company under Mr. Christos Poullaidis but also the wonderful world of the team for the support in the good and difficult moments and wishes Anorthosis good continuation, distinctions and successes. .

Timur, you filled with your strong personality several pages of the sports history of Anorthosis Famagusta and of our football in general. We wish you good luck in your career.

A circle closes and a new one opens. Anorthosis will always be there and all together we will continue, with the sole goal of returning to the top.

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