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Revived on April 6 | Google quietly updated help concerning the end of the G Suite legacy free edition. He postponed all deadlines by a month, so the service will definitely end on June 1, not May. Old accounts that do not switch to the paid version of Workspace will be frozen on August 1 instead of July.

The company also added information about the upcoming free alternative for individuals and households. We do not yet know the specific form and conditions. But those who want to switch to the new tariff must register on the waiting list by June 1. Once the offer is public, he will be given two months to consider whether to take advantage of the limited free plan or switch to Workspace.

Original article from January 20 | This year will be ten years since the end of the free Google Apps service. The company made it possible to create a full Google account on its own internet domain. Anyone who has used this service in the past could keep it. She just didn’t re-register. But Google will cancel the original free offer in a few months.

He gradually contacts those who use the so-called G Suite legacy free edition. The report says it will end on May 1, 2022. Users will simply be able to upgrade to a paid version of Google Workspace, which they can try for free for two months.

Workspace is aimed primarily at businesses, not regular users who would like “Gmail with their own domain.” There are three basic tariffs on offer. Business Starter for € 5.20 (CZK 127) per month offers 30GB of storage for Disk and Mail. The Business Standard tariff for € 10.40 (CZK 254) has 2TB of storage and the option to suppress noise and record Meet calls. Business Plus for € 15.60 (CZK 379) has 5 TB of cloud space.

The amounts are then multiplied by the number of users. G Suite legacy free edition allowed you to create up to 10 free user accounts.

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Google continues to provide free Workspace tariffs, but only for schools and nonprofits. If you have used the previous free Google Apps and want to have a mail server with your own domain for free, you can try Email Profi from Seznam. If you know of another similar service, do not hesitate to share in the discussion. (An alternative, of course, can be your own server on your home computer or NAS.)

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