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A few weeks ago, Netflix offered the first part of the fourth series of Stranger Things, the audience’s success is great and everyone is curious how it will all end. At the end of the 7th episode, Netflix included a short tasting in the second part of the 4th series, but now it has offered a full-fledged trailer.

The first part of the last series Stranger Things had episodes seven, the second part will contain only two, the final episodes have the premiere of 1.7. They will be extremely above standard in length – the first episode of the second part should have over 80 minutes, the second will have almost two and a half hours.

Stranger Things is by far Netflix’s most famous series. It premiered in 2016 and scored with the excellent atmosphere of the eighties and a balanced combination of science fiction and horror, exactly according to the films from Spielberg at the time, or according to King’s books. And we must not forget the quality acting performances, quality screenplay and playful direction with a lot of quotes from famous films.

The fourth series is not over yet, but the fifth has already been confirmed. However, according to the creators, it should definitely be the last.

Special: Netflix

Netflix is ​​a popular video streaming service. In addition to the movies, series and documentaries he buys, he also produces his own content. There are also many popular Czech films, a large part of foreign production contains Czech subtitles, some titles also have Czech dubbing.

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