Smarty Group reports a successful third quarter, with a turnover of over 3 billion by the end of the year

Last year, Smarty Brands bought the JRC brand and now the first major changes related to this acquisition are underway. The new owner has launched a combination of stone branches in order to create a greater and at the same time expanded shopping experience.

While focuses on retail and electronics service, JRC is primarily about games. Within the first connected store in the OC Europark in Prague Štěrboholy, both brands are merged in one place.

Customers have the opportunity to buy and service electronics, pick up goods, complain and buy a used mobile phone, tablet, Mac or game console, but at the same place they can try game accessories, buy games and also sell or buy them in the bazaar. Thanks to the JRC, of ​​course, there is no lack of game merchandise and other products for players.

According to the founder and owner Petr Syrůček, this combination does not yet exist on our market from the point of view of one stone shop. Smarty Brands also includes iWant, which is an Apple Premium Reseller. also plans to expand its own new gaming brand TIGO, under which it currently sells computers, but is also preparing gaming accessories. He wants to focus on the middle and higher segment in terms of quality and price.

By the end of this year, Smarty wants to open a total of 10 branches throughout the Czech Republic, and by 2024 approximately 40 stone branches connected in this way. In many places, the JRC branches will be closed, but they will be part of a larger space in another place in the same department store. The design of the stores will be unified and almost the same in a combination of black (game) and white ( pixel style.

According to the statement, the attendance of current stores is already at pre-pandemic values ​​and one of the reasons is that it is not just a place of purchase, but also additional services for customers. Due to the fact that Smarty and JRC have e-shops, according to the owner, it was possible to easily monitor how customers are adapting – during the pandemic, they moved to the mentioned e-shops, now they are returning to the stone branches.

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