The future of young people in Cyprus is uncertain - "Give fuel subsidies"

Inflation, price increases, bone-crushing accuracy. This is the scenario that composes the market, with consumers literally raising their hands. Citizens, speaking on Sigma’s camera, did not hide their concern, as they expect even bigger increases in the coming days.

Anxiety, concern and fear prevail in consumers who see the price increases one after the other at a time when the purchasing power of their “wallet” is declining terribly.

“Much more expensive, it’s been a long time now, what can we do? We live on an island where we want taxes to get things done,” said a citizen.

Commodity prices have risen sharply.

“I think subsidies should be given, at least for fuel. “Essential products have risen to 10%,” another citizen told Sigma’s camera.

The housewife’s basket became hoarse for most households.

However, there is also a small portion of citizens who place their hopes in tourism.

“Will the Cypriot people cope? Indeed, indeed, indeed! Where do you base this? In tourism. “

At a time when the world scene is like a boiling cauldron and the effects of war and pandemic have begun to leave their mark on the consumer’s pocket, the future of the place, young people, are struggling for a better tomorrow.

See in the video what citizens said on Sigma’s camera

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