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Even such an ordinary thing as a mouse can be made differently. The first generation Apple Magic Mouse from 2009 is proof of that.

The Apple Magic Mouse is definitely not a popular mouse, the ratio of dedicated lovers to die-hard haters will be roughly one to one. And although I belong to the second group, because using such a flat mouse is simply an ergonomic punishment, I appreciate its originality. By taking a look inside, we will find out what it consists of.

Glue instead of screws

The editorial set of screwdrivers will rather rest, we’d rather bring a hair dryer or a heat gun. Most of the parts are held together by strong glue. The first thing we do is remove the cover 1 a pair of AA batteries and we immediately perceive the exceptional materials: the lower part is honestly aluminum, no plastic. A pair of sliding Teflon belts 2 we can also remove it by simply peeling it off. Better slow and careful if we still want the mouse to serve – they might warp or break.

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