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The grand final of Eurovision has started – Watch here LIVE

The grand final of Eurovision has started - Watch here LIVE

The grand finale of the 66th Eurovision Song Contest has just begun. The big night that opened with the song, “Give Peace a Chance”, is presented by the internationally famous singer Laura Pausini, the singer Mika and the presenter Alessandro Catelan, while last year’s winners Maneskin return to the stage to sing their new song “Supermodel”.

A few months ago, Italian public television Rai announced that this year’s competition, from which Russia has been excluded since the invasion of Ukraine, will be dedicated to peace.

The twenty countries that qualified from the two semi-finals and the Big Five (France, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, as well as the host country Italy) will participate in the Eurovision final, while all forty participating countries will vote. Greece with Amanda Georgiadi will appear in 17th place and more specifically after the second break.

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The order of appearance of the 25 countries

1. Czech Republic
2. Romania
3. Portugal
4. Finland
5. Switzerland
6. France
7. Norway
8. Armenia
9. Italy
10. Spain
11. The Netherlands
12. Ukraine
13. Germany
14. Lithuania
15. Azerbaijan
16. Belgium
17. Greece
19. Moldova
20. Sweden
21. Australia
22. United Kingdom
23. Poland
24. Serbia
25. Estonia

The favorites of the competition

Ukraine has been a big favorite since announcing its participation in the music competition. The country is represented by the band “Kalush Orchestra”, with the song “Stefania”.

Singer Oleh Psiuk had stated about the song: “The song was written long before the war. It was dedicated to my mother, but after the invasion and the war, it took on other dimensions and many people began to identify it with Ukraine as their motherland. “It is now in the hearts of many Ukrainians and its popularity and symbolism have grown significantly.” As for the competition and the fact that he is the “big favorite”, he said: “For our country, it is so important to have victories at all levels. It raises our morale. “

However, 24 more countries are called to give their best and despite the predictions so far, they will not give up so easily. The United Kingdom and Sweden are in the first places of the forecasts, while Greece is in the eighth place of the odds. The top ten is completed by Spain, Italy, Serbia, Poland, Norway and the Netherlands. Of course, every year has its upheavals, so everything is possible and we may see big surprises in the announcement of the results, since the public also participates in the voting with a percentage of 50%.

Damiano David and Maneskin

As it is already known, Maneskin, who are also last year’s winners of Eurovision, will appear on stage again, to perform their new song entitled “Supermodel”. However, the band’s frontman, Damiano David, had a leg injury, causing concern among their fans. Damiano reassured fans with a story on Instragram, writing that he will appear normally in the grand final.

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