The Heat threw "fires" and comfortably made it 2-0 against the Sixers

The Miami Heat threw “fires” at the FTX Arena and comfortably reached the victory against the Sixers (119-103), making it 2-0 in the series of semifinals of the eastern region.

With Antebagio (23p., 9r., 3as), Butler (22p., 6r., 12as), Hiro (18p., 7r., 3as), but also the amazing Olandipos (19p., 6r., 1as), to make “orgies” the Heat took a step closer to qualifying for the finals of the eastern region.

Tyrese Maxi on the other hand, with 34 points, fought it for the Sixers, who fought again without their heavy artillery, Joel Ebid, with James Harden adding 20 points, with 9 assists.

Now the series moves to Philadelphia, where the Sixers are expected to strengthen again with the presence of Ebid, having the opportunity to re-enter the game.

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