The iPhone 15 would have titanium finishes and its first major cosmetic change since the 2020 model

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Everything that refers to the news that Manzana interweaves for its new generations of smartphones always causes fascination. This time, for example, we have leaks about the iPhone 15, It looks like it’s going to have a different look than the current design, with a change to the rear of the kit that could improve the feel of the grip.

According to a ShrimApple Pro leak, the change would focus on the rear edges, which from now on they would be more rounded. This detail would put an end to that cutting sensation that a user can feel when he grabs the iPhone without a case.

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Another great news that the leak brings is about the material of the iPhone 15. Next year, the new models of the apple firm would be made of titanium, We are talking about the outer material, of course. Titanium would contribute more lightness and the same durability. However, this feature would be reserved only for the top models, such as the iPhone 15 Ultra.

On the other hand, possible improvements are rumored in the section of the cameras of the mobile device. It is thought that the changes in the rear edges could, in some way, affect the design of this part of the cell phone. For several generations, the photographic section has been a module that stands out, a feature that some users still do not like today.

Finally, we must bear in mind that we are talking only based on leaks. To find out the final result, we will still have to wait until next year, probably until September, which is the month in which Apple usually presents its new cell phones.

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