The Israeli operation "Dawn" against the Islamic Jihad in Gaza has begun

The Israeli armed forces on Friday afternoon began a military operation in the Gaza Strip, during which the Israeli air force struck targets of the Islamic Jihad organization.

As announced by the Israeli army and confirmed shortly afterwards by Islamic Jihad, this first aerial bombardment “which lasted 160 seconds” killed Taishir Jibari, who since 2007 has been in the role of coordinator of operations between Islamic Jihad, in which belongs, and of the Hamas organization. In addition to Jiabari, “at least 15 other senior leaders of the organization” were killed, according to Israeli military sources.

Half an hour later, the leader of Islamic Jihad, Ziad Al-Nakhla, made statements from Tehran, which he has been visiting officially since Thursday, warning that “Israel should expect a tough response” and that “both Tel Aviv and and Israel’s major cities are targets.” At the same time, Hamas issued a statement according to which “Israel, attacking the resistance forces in Gaza, will pay a heavy price and bear the ultimate responsibility.”

The Israeli army, for its part, announced that the operation against Islamic Jihad is called “Dawn”. Acting Prime Minister Yair Lapid, shortly after 5 pm (local time), said that “this is an action aimed at removing the immediate danger that threatens the citizens of Israel and the border towns in the south of the country and affects them terrorists. The Israeli Government will not allow terrorist organizations to determine developments on the Israel-Gaza border and threaten Israeli citizens.”

Today’s development took place after four days of military vigilance and emergency preventive security measures taken by the Israeli forces in the provinces of Southern Israel centered on the Israel-Gaza border. The tension between Israel and Islamic Jihad stems from the arrest of Bassam Assaadi, the group’s top official, during a military operation in the northern West Bank city of Jenin earlier this week.

For the past three days, behind-the-scenes efforts have been underway to defuse the tension with the mediation of Egypt’s secret services. As it became known on Friday morning from Israeli media, the demands of the Islamic Jihad in order to reduce the tension and not to carry out its threat to target Israeli targets are the following: First, an immediate cessation of the Israeli operations to arrest the organization’s executives in the West Bank and especially in the wider area of ​​Jienin. Second, the immediate release of the arrested Bassam Assaadi. Third, the release of the organization’s leader, Khalil Awaunde, who is being held in Israeli maximum security prisons and has been on hunger strike for the past 140 days.

As announced later in the afternoon, the Israeli side did not agree to meet the group’s demands, and Egyptian negotiators reportedly failed to convince the group to drop its threats of further armed action against Israel.

As of 17:00 local time, the municipalities of Israeli cities in the south of the country – from the port of Ashdod and Kiryat Malachi to the outskirts of the city of Beer Sheva and in all the settlements on the border with Gaza – opened the shelters. At the same time, units of the mobile air defense system “Iron Dome” were placed in various parts of the country, specifically, in central Israel, in the outskirts of Tel Aviv as well as in the outskirts of Jerusalem. A limited number of reservists residing in the cities of southern Israel were recruited.

Asked by journalists, Israeli military sources said they are unable to predict how long the military operation “Dawn” will last.

Mobilization of 25,000 reservists in Israel for Operation “Dawn” in Gaza

After the conclusion of the meeting of the Israeli political and military leadership at the headquarters of the country’s armed forces in Tel Aviv, with the participation of Prime Minister Yair Lapid and the Minister of Defense Benny Gantz, it was decided on Friday to mobilize 25,000 reservists to participate in Operation “Dawn”. ” against targets of the Islamic Jihad organization in the Gaza Strip, which began in the afternoon.

Source: KYPE

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