The Kurds are calling for international intervention to end Turkey's attacks

The aim of the Kurdish events is for the international factor to intervene so that Turkey stops the attacks it is making in Syria as well as to protest against the use of chemical weapons by Turkey against Kurdish rebels, Lambros Kallenos, representative of the Cultural Center, told KYPE Kurdistan “Theofilos”.

The Kurds denounce Turkey but also “the lukewarm attitude of other countries that tolerate this situation”. Recently, Turkey had used chemical weapons and because of this countries did not do something that they could, said Mr. Kallenos, noting that these countries “stick to oral statements”.

The Kurds would like an intervention to pressure Turkey to respect the Kurds in northern Syria, he added. He said that Turkey says it is carrying out this attack because the Kurds planted a bomb in Istanbul, without presenting any evidence for this. “It’s an allegation of hers, something she seems to be using as an excuse,” Mr Kallenos said.

Referring to the events taking place in Cyprus in collaboration with the Cypriot-Kurdish Solidarity Association, he said that today an event is being held at the beginning of Ledras Street to inform the public about the situation and that there is an intention for similar events in Larnaca and Limassol.

He also noted that tomorrow an event will be held by Kurds living in Cyprus to condemn the Turkish attack on Syria outside the US and Russian embassies in Nicosia, asking for the intervention of these countries to end it.

As he mentioned, the Kurds around 1415 will go by car from the site of the Ministry of Interior to the American embassy. They will then march to the embassy entrance to express their demands and then around 13.05 they will proceed to the Russian embassy to do the same.

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Source: KYPE

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