The Curiosity six-wheeler photographed a hole on Mars that looks like an artificial entrance to the underground

She recently flipped through photos of neat social media entrance to the wine cellar on Mars and is now being addressed for a change eye shotwhich was acquired by the European satellite Mars Express at the end of April this year.

That eye is meant to be a nameless crater the size of a larger city in the Aonia Terra area. With a diameter of about 30 kilometers, it does not stand out, but its color is unique. The middle part of the depression is black, so the crater really looks like a mysterious eye.

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So far, an nameless crater the size of Prague, which according to scientists from ESA resembles a giant eye

The water, which was probably located 3.5-4 billion years ago and left behind a huge river network, the riverbeds of which are still visible in the wider area, is probably to blame. It was the water that probably brought dark deposits to the crater or, conversely, removed the upper layer. Scientists speculate that volcanic activity may be behind the darker color.

If you look closely, you will notice that the black coloration in the middle part of the crater probably forms wind-blown dunes of dark material. At the bottom of the crater you will also find conical hills and secondary small impact craters.

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