Singapore ammunition, Israeli algorithms and missiles.  A single year was enough to develop the Blue Spear anti-ship missile

The US Navy is now finally using the advanced stealth anti-ship missile with stealth design AGM-158C LRASM (Long Range Anti-Ship Missile), manufactured by Lockheed Martin.

In the US Armed Forces, this missile, which costs more than $ 3 million, has been deployed since 2018. A 450 kg warhead can be transported up to 480 km, smaller warheads up to 1,600 km.

LRASM missiles can or should soon be able to launch from F / A-18E / F Super Hornet, B-1B Lancer, F-35 Lightning II and Boeing P-8 Poseidon, as well as from vessels, using a vertical launch system Mark 41 Vertical Launch System.

However, the US Navy is also preparing a successor to the LRASM missile. The Pentagon’s fiscal budget for 2023 is the first to explicitly envisage a system called the HALO, revealing that it will be a hypersonic system.

Offensive Anti-Surface Warfare Weapon Increment II

The official name of this program is Offensive Anti-Surface Warfare Weapon (OASuW) Increment II. According to the armed forces, this is a fundamental system, the development of which represents the maturing of the hypersonic capabilities of the United States. The unofficial acronym HALO originated from the term “Hypersonic Air-launched OASuW”.

How indicate the available documentsthe HALO system will include missiles fired from aircraft with high speed, long range and excellent ability to destroy surface targets.

The HALO system will be used against advanced threats to the navy, which will operate at great distances, in combat, which will take place in the coastal zone or, for example, in an environment with a strong defense of the enemy.

The first field tests in 6 years

The US Navy is working on a $ 92 million budget for fiscal 2024, which it wants to raise for HALO research and development. In 2028, the first field tests should take place.

The Navy sought to raise about $ 56 million for similar research in fiscal 2022. But they were not successful. If they succeed now, they plan to reach more people in 2023 to design the system.

The HALO system is the second major hypersonic weapon the US Navy is currently working on, along with the Conventional Prompt Strike system. This system should be installed on board the stealth destroyer Zumwalt in 2025 and on the Virginia class submarine in 2028.

The sailors are developing the Conventional Prompt Strike together with the military, which intends to acquire this technology in the ground variant. They want to spend $ 1.2 billion on its research and development.

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