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During the pandemic, along with the closure of cinemas, film studios lost revenue. This greatly accelerated the launch and development of other streaming services (Disney Plus, HBO MAX, Paramount +, etc.), which gradually began to step on the heels of the hitherto almost unrivaled Netflix.

During the pandemic, some Hollywood studios, including Warner Bros. and Disney, experimented to expand their streaming services. Warner carried out a small revolution and in 2021, several dozen films (including films such as Dune, Wonder Woman 1984, Suicide Squad, Dune and The Matrix 4) were released simultaneously at theaters and HBO Max. However, since 2022, the studio has abandoned this policy and committed itself to a 45-day window.

Originally, though studies she consideredthat they would keep this model, but not only cinema operators, but also creators who are paid from cinema sales. As it seems, the real reason for the cancellation is different. Pirates.

Wonder Woman 1984 was the first to go to theaters and streaming services at the same time. It’s over

It was John Fithian (President and CEO of the National Association of Cinema Owners) who, at his annual speech at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, commented on why filming in theaters and at home is a very bad idea. “I am pleased to announce that simultaneous filming is as dead as a serious business model, and piracy is what killed it. When an intact copy of a film hits the Internet and spreads, it has a very detrimental effect on our industry.”

It’s no secret that movie theater owners don’t like showing movies on the same day. Many say that as soon as a quality pirated copy appears on the Internet, cinema sales begin to decline at a rocket speed.

“When analyzing the individual titles, it’s very clear that piracy is on the rise when the film is first available for viewing at home. It doesn’t matter if it’s available through premium video-on-demand or prepaid video-on-demand.” Fithian said.

Similarly, the director of the Motion Picture Association, Charles Rivkin, said: “Piracy before the film hits theaters can deprive you of an average of up to 20 percent of revenue.”

Fithian pointed to the film’s overwhelming success Spider-Man: Homeless from Sony and Marvel, which made $ 1.9 billion worldwide. But other titles have already made hundreds of millions of dollars, for example Doctor Strange in a multitude of madness.

In the run-up to Covid, theatrical screenings ranged from 74 to 90 days before movies went on streaming. This window has now been shortened to 45 days – but cinema owners don’t mind. After all, film studios have long argued that films make most of their money in the first month.

Source: WhatHifi, FlatspanelHD, The Hollywood Reporter

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