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Small external headphone amplifiers and D/A converters are popular for several reasons – for a relatively affordable price, the owner gets a universal source of high-quality sound, while it can be used with both a smartphone and, for example, a laptop.

One of the brands that has a very good reputation for portable USB D/A converters/amplifiers is iBasso. Thus, it added the new iBasso DC03 Pro model to its “DC” line. As the name suggests, the DC03 Pro is an upgraded version of the classic DC03 USB DAC/amplifier with a new DAC chipset, design and features.

The new iBasso DC03 Pro is produced in two variants, with USB-C and USB-C+Lightning connectors. And of course in three different color versions.

The basis is a pair of premium D/A converters CS43131 from Cirrus Logics, which is complemented by a powerful headphone amplifier. As a result, it achieves very low distortion (THD+N the manufacturer states 0.00022%) and high signal-to-noise ratio values ​​(127dB).

DC03 Pro supports decoding of high-resolution audio signals with support for 32bit/384kHz PCM and native DSD signals (up to DSD256). The company iBasso promises clear and transparent sound. The output is a classic 3.5 mm jack with a stated power of 98 mW / 1.77 Vrms at an impedance of 32 Ω. At the same time, it should consume only 380 mW compared to the usual 600 mW.

The most popular iBasso headphones

Another popular iBasso headphone

With support for the latest UAC application, various settings can be adjusted on the DC03 Pro. These include five selectable digital filters, three-level gain modes, an equalizer and the ability to choose up to 100 steps of volume adjustment, while there are physical buttons. The body is aluminum with dimensions of 49 x 21 x 8 mm.

In the Czech Republic, iBasso DC03 Pro in the version with USB-C is already on sale for 1,990 CZK, you can choose from blue, silver and gray variants.


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