The United States wants its police robots to end the lives of criminals

It is nothing new that the robots have meant crucial help to the authorities. In San Francisco, United States, the police have requested that their robots have authorization to kill suspects in case the life of a civilian or member of the institution is in danger.

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According to the portal the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) sent a request to the Board of Supervisors of the city so that their robots have the authorization to annihilate suspects.

According to Aaron Peskin, president of said organization, in the request, “robots shall only be used as a deadly force option when the risk of loss of life to members of the public or officers is imminent and outweighs any other option of force available to the SFPD.”

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Initially the proposal was rejected by Peskin, since he defined that “robots shall not be used as a use of force against any person”; however, after a correction by the San Francisco Police, it was officially submitted for a vote which will take place the next November 29th.

With this proposal the entity wants limit the use of assault rifles and thus exclude hundreds of weapons from your inventory. In addition, they would not have to buy new robots since they have a dozen of them dedicated to defusing bombs, which are equipped with blank ammunition. So, if approved, it would only be necessary to exchange them for live ammunition.

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Some companies specializing in military security are already working on armed robots for use in US military missions.

According to the Hypertext medium, the SWORD Defense System is one of the most recent examples, “which featured a self-contained module consisting of a rifle with a range of 1,200 meters that attaches to the back of its quadruple robot dog.”

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