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If you’re a fish lover and also like to show off your computer, MetalFish might just fulfill your secret dream. It sells a special computer case that also serves as an aquarium.

Y2 Fish Tank Chassis is a cabinet with an aluminum structure divided into two parts. The lower perforated part is designed for the computer, although you will have to be a little modest. There is only room for smaller motherboards of a maximum Mini-ATX or Micro-ATX format. There is only space for a 90 mm processor cooler, for one 2.5 disk or SSD and a graphics card with a maximum length of 22 cm. You will also need to use a small 1U power supply. The separate upper part made of clear glass then serves as an aquarium for, for example, fish or other creatures.

The overall size of the cabinet is 37 x 25 x 29 cm, which is about 27 liters with a weight of 6.6 kg. Since it is divided approximately in half, there is about 13 liters left for the aquarium. To take advantage of the installed computer, a water pump with a filter and oxygenation is included in the package, which is powered via a USB port. The same applies to the LED light above the aquarium, which fortunately is not crazy RGB (only for the lower computer structure), but basic white, which, according to the claim, should also be usable for any aquatic plants.

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On the side of the case there is a power button and two external USB 3.0 ports (USB-A). The price is relatively low, approximately 2 thousand crowns. Metalfish also sells an older but completely different design of a similar nature under the name Fish Cube.

Just a final piece of advice – be careful not to run too long on a given computer with a powerful graphics card. Little fish wouldn’t be able to survive such a long game session.

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