There will be no exhumation of Malena and Iris - At the end of May the conclusion

The report on the deaths of Malena and Iris will be ready at the end of May, while the similarities between the way the three girls left are obvious.

However, according to information from MEGA, there will be no final exhumation. Meanwhile, the children’s father Manos Daskalakis is determined to apply for a paternity test in Iris and Malena to prove if they are his own children. Through her lawyer, Roula Pispirigou announces in advance that after the test she will file a lawsuit against him.

The 6-month-old Iris is reminded that she was found dead in her crib, in March 2021. Pispirigou and her sister called EKAB, without following the protocol required in these cases, resulting in the loss of valuable time and data.

“When the death was established, the police had to be called, the police had to call the medical examiner and everything had to be done inside the house and then the body had to be transported. We lost the most important element which is the time of death and the autopsy “said the medical examiner Grigoris Leon.

“After Iris’s death, everyone was suspicious and the prosecutor, Mr. Bismbikis, and the medical examiner, unfortunately, we made up to a point,” said the journalist of the “Peloponnisos” newspaper, George Anastasopoulos.

The conclusion of the two experienced medical examiners will be crucial as it will be seen if the death of the children is due to a criminal act. The two medical examiners examine everything from the beginning, however the two girls will not need to be exhumed.

“When a body comes to the medical examiner’s table, it speaks and says everything,” said EL.AS trade unionist Stavros Balaskas.

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