There's a big update to Windows 10. But no one knows what's actually new in it

The next release of Windows is finished enough for Microsoft to dedicate to a wider distribution. This time it’s about Windows 10 22H2, which were released in October. On that occasion, the Redmonds did not specify what news they had prepared. We only vaguely know that it is a few small things. It was similar with all the last versions of Tens.

In any case, as of November 18, 2022, it is in progress the final stage of distribution. A controlled distribution that tests different configurations and releases the system on only a small percentage of computers will therefore end. Version 22H2 will gradually be installed on all computers running Windows 10 20H2 and later revisions. You can invoke the installation manually in the Windows Update service.

So Microsoft already considers the new release to be sufficiently debugged. It happened unusually quickly. Windows 10 21H2 entered the market in November 2021, but wider distribution did not occur until April of the following year. It was similar with Windows 11, when Microsoft started talking about wide distribution about half a year after its release.

Although Windows 10 22H2 is officially finished, the manufacturer has not yet published the list of new products.

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In reality, it doesn’t matter, because it will be about things so small that you probably won’t even notice them. The new version is important primarily from a support point of view, because its release starts another life cycle that will offer service updates to the operating system. Dozens are de facto running in maintenance mode today.

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