They create the first robot dog that has the ability to swim

Ghost Robotics has incorporated a modular kit developed by Onyx Industries into its Vision-60 to create the first dog robot of military use with the ability to swim of the market.

The company focused on providing robotic solutions for commercial and military use has released its latest advances to The Warzone portal. In addition, he has shared a first look at this prototype on his Twitter profile.

The equipment developed by Onyx Industries is called the Nautical Autonomous Unmanned Tail (NAUT). This modular kit enables Ghost Robotics’ Vision-60, already in use by the US military, to swim. without using any of its four legs thanks to the fact that it incorporates a propulsion jet system.

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This company details that the system allows the dog to reach a speed of three knots (about 5.5 kilometers per hour) and it has an autonomy of 30 minutes with a dedicated power supply. After that time, the NAUT module can continue to operate on electricity from the Vision-60’s internal power supply.

The weight of the NAUT is 0.9 kilos without battery and 2.2 kilos with it. Additionally, it features a secure wireless connection, ruggedized component design with a 7075 aerospace-grade machined aluminum exterior, private key encryption, and the ability to be remotely powered off to prevent unauthorized access.

Onyx Industries explains in a LinkedIn post that the NAUT unit includes a semi-autonomous control system that can be operated manually by a remote operator. In fact, It has a range of 2.4 kilometers submerged in the water current. In addition, it ensures that its kit is compatible with any platform equipped with IP67 resistance, a rating that the device itself aspires to obtain.

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This rating means that the rig is completely sealed to protect against dust and has survived temporary immersion in water as deep as It goes from 15 centimeters to a meter in a period of approximately 30 minutes.

The company exhibited this technology at this year’s Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) in Florida, the annual event presented by the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA).

Onyx Industries has recognized the aforementioned medium that it is already working on an improved system that, under the name NAUT 2.0, will optimize efficiency for greater autonomy and will improve both its reliability and its degree of IP protection.

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