They left a dog with a bag and a note with explanations (pics)

The Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) is looking for a home for an abandoned dog tied to a fire hydrant, with a note and a large backpack.

Baby Girl, a half-breed almost 6 years old, was found with a note from her owner, explaining what she was called and why she could no longer take care of the pet. Also next to her was a large backpack with food, delicacies and her toys.

The photos of the dog sitting quietly, with all things next to it, looking completely lost, moved the locals – and not only – after they were shared hundreds of times in an attempt to find the owner.

A resident who shared the news via Facebook claims that he “sat outside with her for an hour” while trying to keep Baby Girl warm and “waited for someone to return” – but in vain. “No one came,” he noted.

WHS, which took care of Baby Girl temporarily until she was adopted, said she was in good health and expressed sympathy for her owner in a lengthy message.

“We are so sorry that you had to leave your best friend,” the organization wrote. “It’s obvious how much you loved her and we can see that you did your best while battling health problems and other challenges in your life.”

They left a dog with a bag and a note with explanations – They put their Facebook games together Twitter
Addressing the owner of Baby Girl, she went on to say that “the bag you carefully picked up with all her favorite things”, “the way you secured her strap so that she would not be hit by a car” and the fact that you left her “in a neighborhood where they would find her quickly, they are all signs that you loved her “.

“Your love shows in how happy and healthy it looks,” the organization continued. “And in the note you left, asking someone to help her if you can no longer.”

“Be assured that she is safe and well on her way to finding the next family to love her very soon,” adds WHS. knowing that your little girl has a bright future ahead of her “.

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