They project insults towards Elon Musk in the offices of Twitter: from “worthless billionaire” to “space Karen”

Elon Musk was the target of a series of insults projected outside Twitter’s headquarters on Thursday night. The event occurred hours after the deadline for company employees to choose to resign or continue working under certain conditions.

The numerous messages against the now owner of Twitter included a long list of qualifiers. “Freedom of apartheid, mediocre child, worthless billionaire, space Karen”were some of them.

The term Space Karen was trending overnight on Thursday. Users referred to the tycoon with the term spaceWell, as is known, he owns the Space X company. The name “Karen” It was also used as an insult, since in the United States an annoying white woman who takes advantage of her privileges is called that.

Although does not know who is the author (or authors) of this projectionit is presumed that he may be a former employee of the company.

The list of insults began after the expiration of the deadline for the ultimatum sent by Musk, in which he invited the employees to work “long hours at high intensity” and have a “outstanding performance” or, otherwise, they should resign with a severance pay of three months.

It is not known if Musk managed to see the messages against him, as the building was closed hours before after announcing employees to work from home until Monday. However, the situation has caused a stir in the same social network, where it quickly Various hashtags became a trend.

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