This is the Phone (1), Nothing's first 'transparent' cell phone

After the uncertainty about what Nothing’s new “transparent” smartphone would look like, the brand led by Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus, shared the first image of the Phone (1). The announcement would be accompanied by the official launch date of the device.

The Nothing firm became popular after the launch of its transparent Ear (1) hearing aids. Following this product, the company’s smartphone was expected to have the same feature in its design. However, with the images revealed by the company itself, the phone would not be as ‘transparent’ as the Ear (1).

This, of course, would not be a deficiency, since it depends on the user’s preferences.

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Phone (1) is that it would have two upper cameras, and next to them would be an LED flash. Also, the brand logo could not be missing in the lower right corner.

The Nothing Phone (1) It will be presented on July 12, but on June 22 and 23 it will be available for pre-sale.

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