Thousands of Ukrainians without electricity due to Russian missiles - Struggle for survival

A new Russian barrage of missile attacks hit Ukraine on Thursday against energy infrastructure in the country, as the Russian armed forces stepped up their offensive in eastern Ukraine.

Odessa, the center of Dnipro and the southeastern city of Zaporizhia were targeted, while Kyiv shot down two missiles aimed at the capital, as well as four drones of Iranian origin. Attacks also took place, according to the Ukrainian authorities, against urban infrastructure in Balakliya in the east of Kharkiv Oblast and Ochakov in Mykolayiv in the south.

Low temperatures

Winter has arrived in Ukraine. Kyiv woke up yesterday covered in snow with the temperature remaining below zero. The entire energy-strapped country is racing against time to repair the damage from Tuesday’s missile barrage, Moscow’s biggest since the start of the war in Ukraine. Naftogaz announced that its natural gas infrastructure in the east had been damaged, while the Pivdenmas military plant in Dnipro was also damaged.

The Ukrainians say that if they can survive this winter they will win this war. But the UN warns of a serious humanitarian crisis. Seven million households found themselves without power or heating three 24 hours ago. In Zaporizhia alone, thousands of houses were found without water yesterday.

Ukrainian President Zelensky emphasizes that Russia does not wish for peace, but to cause pain to its people. At the same time, Moscow says that Kyiv does not want to sit at the negotiating table.

US Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Miley has warned that Ukraine’s short-term chances of winning this war by taking back all Russian-held territory remain slim. He acknowledged, however, that there could be a political solution.

The EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, said that “he fears that Russia is not ready to withdraw its troops and until it withdraws, peace is not possible”.

Late on Tuesday afternoon, fears were raised that the war would spill out of Ukraine as a missile landed in NATO territory. Since last night, Ukrainian experts have gone to Poland to participate in the ongoing investigation. Kyiv insists the missile was not Ukrainian, while none of its allies blames Ukraine.


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