TikTok is the new "teacher" of the masses: 94% of users learn with videos in the app

The use of TikTok as an educational tool is in full swing and 94% of platform users say they have learned something with it thanks to accounts and content creators such as ‘El Físico Barbudo’ and ‘Speak English Now’.

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“Educational language is part of TikTok’s DNA”, assured the head of Institutional Relations for the platform in Spain, Yasmina Laraudogoitia, during an event held to highlight the work of the social network.

The hashtag ‘#AprendeConTiKTok’ is one of the most used on the platform with more than 15,000 million views worldwide. In addition, 85% of its users acknowledge wanting to learn through it and 94% say they have already done so, according to a of Marketing Science for TikTok in Spain.

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The survey also points out that 72% of TikTok users use the Internet to discover new skills. Additionally, 70% watched an educational video to the end, with 54% acknowledging a second viewing, 48% saving it to favorites, and another 43% sharing it with the community.

“You can’t continue teaching like 30 years ago,” said Samuel López, an expert from the University of Valencia, who presented a study at the event along with his colleague Paloma Escamilla on the use of TikTok as an educational tool applied to learning. of body expression.

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This report highlights that only 3% of those surveyed acknowledge having received academic training on digital platforms. A fact that contrasts with the expectations of the labor market made up of companies that usually require a “minimum” B1 level of digital competence, according to Escamilla.


One of the most popular creators of educational content on TikTok is Adrián García, known on the platform as ‘El Físico Barbudo’. Communication and dissemination technician at the Institute of Interdisciplinary Physics and Complex Systems (IFISC), he is dedicated to teaching Physics-related teachings from his profile, which has more than half a million followers and six million ‘likes’.

García explains the three key points that, based on his criteria, differentiate TikTok from other platforms such as Instagram to be used as an informative speaker. On the one hand, its format with a duration that has gone from 60 seconds to 10 minutes over the years.

On the other hand, the organic reach that the platform gives to a content creator and, finally, the involvement of TikTok with these promoters. In fact, García reveals that two months after opening his account he was contacted by the social network to start collaborating together.

The director of the Speak English Now school, Caroline Franks, is also in charge of uploading the content to the educational center’s TikTok account. Her profile on the social network is supported by 5.9 million likes and more than 369,000 followers.

Franks defends that the brain “learns better when it has a good time”, a reason that justifies its presence on TikTok. In addition, he believes that “good use of screens and platforms” must be made, especially when addressing a minor audience.

In this regard, Laraudogoitia recalls that TikTok has been working with organizations such as Friendly Screens and PAS Foundation for some time to write parental guides that promote responsible use of the platform.

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