Timur: "I'm the best coach ever - A little respect for the players"

Anorthosis coach Timur Ketspaia made statements after the end of the match with Apollon, which found the two teams to remain at 1-1, with “Kyria” conceding the equalizer in the last minutes of the match.


“Good Evening. Unfortunately for another match we could not win. We conceded goals in the last minutes. This is the story of the whole season. Where we had opportunities in the last minutes to score goals and win, and we could have been in first place, our luck turned our backs. Omonia in the cup came relaxed and had the opportunity to do it, Apollon did the same. We fought and I have no complaints. But you must also have a little luck to get a result. It may have been the best opportunity for us in the second half, but unfortunately we do not have the quality to finish such goals. And we had such phases again during the season.

We are three games before the end, as things stand almost 5 teams are claiming the title. It is distant for us, although mathematically we have hopes. What we are trying to do is to rest, another difficult away game with Omonia for the cup. After they scored two goals here, we can do the same. We are going to claim the qualification. We tried today, we fought and if we were lucky we could get the three points.

We do not want people to be coaches. Come and support us and be here. Cypriots play in us. People need to come and support the team. The best coach that passed through Cyprus is me, with deeds, not with words. We want people to support the team. He has given a lot in the last three years. For 13 years they were ashamed to go out and say that they are with Anorthosis. We filled the stadium three days ago, today half. Show that you love the team, not let the coaches do and order what needs to be done.

Full of bad people around the team. If you want to support the team, come here gentlemen. In the last three years you have seen what you have not seen in your dreams for 13 years. The year is successful, no matter how it ends. Whoever wants, let them understand. A little respect for the players.

I am charged because we do not want coaches on the field, we want fans to come and shout for the team. It seems that you can not satisfy some people with anything.

I have requirements too. I can not be the coach of Real Madrid. Accept some things. We played and we were not lucky. A collision and a goal came in, where we had the clear opportunity for 2-0. You put Cypriots to play, they shout, you do not put, they shout again. We are playing 6-7 and we are claiming the championship. Respect for work. No one knows more about football than I do. I’m not afraid to go out and say it. It did not hurt a little respect. We want fans who come and support the team until the end, not to shout team and coach “.

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