Google Drive vs.  Microsoft OneDrive.  Cloud disk duel

Google won’t deny that it grew up on the web. Its cloud storage pays for it, because the company changes clients and its current client, which is officially the latest and recommended one, does not work nearly as smoothly and without significant limitations as we know from the competition.

On a computer, Google Drive shows up as a virtual drive, and someone at the advertising giant thought it would be cool if it automatically pinned itself to Quick Access, the list of selected folders in the sidebar in Explorer. And it would be best if it could not be prevented.

This was true until recently! It is not just about intrusive behavior, working with files on the virtual drive was both slow and sometimes impossible. This storage is formatted with the old FAT32 file system. Because of this, you may not be able to open some types of files directly, e.g. projects from Audacity.

We change the Google Drive settings

Today, the client offers an alternative – instead of a virtual drive, it shows files in a folder, similar to Dropbox, OneDrive and others. Even so, working with files in the folder is noticeably slower than in any classic Windows folder. In addition, Google Drive at least refuses to show content on the surface unless it is turned on and you are not connected to the Internet.

But it’s still a better option than a virtual drive. (So, if you’re comfortable with a virtual drive, that’s fine, too.) Plus, today you can tell the app not to pin a folder to Quick Access in Explorer. How to put these recent changes into practice?

Launch Google Drive and tap the icon in the notification area. Next, click on the gear symbol and on Preferences.

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Although you are in the preferences, you still need to be in the window Google Drive preferences tap the gear once more to go to the nested setting in settings. Here you will already see the preset Destination location for streaming from Google Drive. If you prefer to sync to a folder, check the box Component. Click on Alter possibly move it to where you want it.

The prefix is ​​also important Show Google Drive in Quick Access in File Explorer. When you uncheck it, it won’t show up in Quick Access or return to it after you unpin it in Explorer. Until the Google Drive client did not offer these preferences, the situation could be solved by hiding the drive with the given letter. Fortunately, Google came to its senses.

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