Top performance in the world by Tentoglou with 8.36m.

Miltos Tentoglou, who seems to be in the best condition of his career (for this season), is now making big leaps, even during his preparation.

The “gold” Olympian of length competed today in the rally “Vergotia 2022” in Argostoli and “landed” at 8.36m, equaling the best performance in the world this year (so does the Indian Murali Sresenkar).

The athlete of George Pomaski reached this jump in his fourth and last attempt, while earlier he had an effort in 8.17m.

“I am very happy with today’s match. Possibly a better performance could come out. I had some problems with the air. I started my fight badly, however as time went on I was getting better. I did not want to push more.

In these races I do not do all the jumps and I do not jump all the time. And this is because they are mainly of a coaching nature. I will be in the situation I would like in foreign competitions “, said Tentoglou, who once again became an object of admiration this year, mainly by the young athletes, who hurried to talk to him, to be photographed with him and to get an autograph.

A very good fight took place in the Men’s shot put, with Tassos Latiflari and Odysseas Mouzenidis approaching 20 meters. Latiflari improved his record, as he had a better effort at 19.93 m. And took second place, while Mouzenidis was third with 19.92 m., A performance that equals his individual record.

The presence of Panagiotis Trivizas in the event was more than satisfactory. The athlete initially prevailed in the 100m. with 10.38 and then emerged victorious in the 200m. with 20.73.

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