TSMC prepares to launch 2-nanometer processors

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) has introduced the next generation of processors manufactured with a 2 nanometer (nm) process and the FINFLEX technology that will be present in the 3nm process.

The company’s 2-nanometer technology (N2) will introduce improvements in both speed and energy consumption compared to N3, as TSMC shared this Thursday within the framework of a symposium held in Santa Clara (California, United States).

The company has detailed in a statement that N2 will increase the speed between 10 and 15 percent compared to N3 with the same energy consumption, or will reduce consumption between 25 and 30 percent with the same speed.

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Its N2 technology will usher in a “new era of efficient performance” by employing a nanosheet transistor architecture. According to the company’s plans, the production of these processors will start in 2025.

Alongside this technology, TSMC has also introduced the FINFLEX architecture for 3-nanometer processors (N3 and N3E), which will go into production later this year, and will allow customers to adjust cell configuration to their needs to improve performance and efficiency.

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IBM announced last year the first processor with 2 nanometer architecture, a technology that improves performance and energy efficiency with respect to the most powerful current chips and with which it ensured that the duration of mobile phones can be quadrupled.

The system developed by IBM uses nanosheet technology that allows a chip the size of a fingernail to house up to 50,000 million transistors.

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