Tsorniger: "Nothing will change if APOEL passes first, but ..."

Apollon coach Alexander Tsorniger spoke after the match against Anorthosis in “PAP”, where both teams remained at 1-1.


“It was a very demanding match with a lot of intensity. We dominated the field. Anorthosis took advantage of the phase it found. In the first half we had a very good development. Very good match from Hambo and Alesami. We missed the final pass. From there on we entered numbly in the second half but the players showed that they believed in a draw. We created phases. The 1-1 came at the end and we struggled to find a second goal. An awesome match by both teams. It was one of our best performances “, he said initially and added:

“We see APOEL now. We will wait to see what he does tomorrow. The championship is very interesting. We all know we have to win the next game. To find the intensity, the passion that is needed and to get the victory “.

For the appearance in general: “The team had a very good match. Seeing the previous match of Anorthosis, Anorthosis had created more phases with Omonia and we may have created more phases today than Omonia. At times he lacked a clear mind. We have to work in chemistry. In the final third of the field, we lost the phases somewhere. I want to see the team show the passion and intensity they need, what I expect next week as well. A goal brought a point, we will see how important it is in the end “.

On whether APOEL wins and what goes to the top if something changes: “No, nothing changes. And for APOEL to pass first, what we know is that we will have the game at our stadium. We have not achieved victory for 9 games, we will try for the victory to be in 1st place if APOEL passes to 1st place tomorrow. We could definitely be in a better position. But let us not forget that if AEK wins, it enters the game. We showed that we have the quality to get the victory with APOEL. I do not want to say which team is the favorite. We have a fight. It will not be as easy for APOEL, as with Aris “.

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