Czechia and social networks in 2021. 5 million people used them, but 5% did not know if they shared publicly

NASA recently released an interesting guide from which its astronauts will learn how they should ideally approach social networks. He pointed it out Vox magazine.

This document advises its readers, among other things, not to try to write and publish any contributions at the moment when their lives are in danger.

“Social media efforts should always be considered secondary to crew and vehicle safety,” the aforementioned space agency emphasizes.

700 NASA accounts

Elsewhere, the handbook reminds astronauts that “social networking is voluntary and should be considered secondary to mission safety and crew cohesion.”

Of course, there is also a passage devoted to political discretion – which is a relatively important topic given the current tension between the United States and Russia.

Let us remind you that NASA is sometimes criticized for devoting too much energy to communication on social media – according to available information, it operates an incredible 700 accounts on Twitter, Reddit, Twitch, etc.

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