Twitter and verified accounts: now they will be distinguished by colors

The new verification system Twitter preparing Elon Musk It will be based on colors to distinguish the different accounts, which will mark those of companies in gold and those of other individual users in blue.

Musk, current owner of Twitter, is considering relaunching the new verification system next week friday, as reported this Friday on his profile on the social network. It will be accompanied by a color system to distinguish the types of accounts, an option that was already advanced on Tuesday.

We will probably use a different color check for organizations and individuals.”he stated earlier in the week. Today has confirmed the variety of colors, which includes gold for companies, gray for government accounts and blue for the rest.

To distinguish the individuals who have paid to have the verification of the blue tick from those who belong to an organization, the tycoon has indicated that the latter can show a small logo if the organization to which they belong recognizes them.

Musk has also added that “all verified accounts will be manually authenticated before verification is activated”, In any case, he assures that next week he will give more details such as the operation of this new system.

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