The board of directors of the social network of the little blue bird unanimously recommended accepting the 44,000 million of Elon Musk.  Photo: REUTERS.

Twitter presented this Thursday a new function that will allow its 300 million users to generate and publish longer content than the established limits of the tweets. These extended posts are related in format to the articles, which They were called Notes. by the social network.

For a long time, Twitter messages were defined by 140 characters, but after a community request, the platform increased that limit to 280 in 2017. With Notes the limit is not modifiedbut an alternative to the classic threads appears to share more extensive content with more personality.

According to the company, the new function allows create articles up to 2,500 words. But, as we can see in the video below, it is also possible to add images, links, and even apply different formatting options, such as italics or bold.

Although it is not about the popular blogs, some characteristics are similar to these, together with the diffusion potential of Twitter, they could encourage many to write and do without continuing with TwitLonger. Currently, this platform is the easiest way to share long messages. Just sign in with your Twitter account to get started.

And if it is about writing elaborate content, the social network is also promoting the newsletter creation from the purchase and subsequent integration of Revue.

Once the user decides to generate a note can be inserted into a tweet to share with followersbut it will not only be available to them, but also to anyone without a Twitter account, as long as they have the link, which will allow the content to circulate outside the platform as well.

So far, Twitter has only enabled this new feature in a few regions, starting with Canada, the United States, Ghana, and the United Kingdom.

During the testing phase, only some users from the mentioned countries will be able to create Notes, while everyone will be able to read them. As for a possible global deployment, there are no official dates yet.

The sale of Twitter: they recommend accepting Elon Musk’s offer

The board of directors of the social network of the little blue bird unanimously recommended accepting the 44,000 million of Elon Musk. Photo: REUTERS.

On the other hand, Twitter not only revolves around new improvements at a technical level. The Elon Musk buyout and accusations that the platform is riddled with bots continue, as the board of directors on Tuesday advised shareholders to vote “yes” to approve the acquisition for 44,000 million.

Twitter is now one step closer to approving the agreement announced last April by the world’s richest man, as revealed to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC, for its acronym in English).

If the deal goes through, shareholders will receive $54.20 for each share of the company, which is a significant premium over the $39.31 share price that Twitter was trading at before Musk began his phased takeover of the company. Twitter announcing a first purchase of 9% in the company.

The tycoon affirmed this Tuesday from Doha that there are still “unresolved issues” to consummate the purchase of Twitter and affirmed that this process will not cause problems with China, a large market for his company Tesla.

Since the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX’s deal with Twitter in April, Musk has accused the company of not honoring his request for data on spam accounts.

For its part, Twitter, which has estimated that no more than 5% of its daily active users are bots, said it will continue to share information with Musk and plans to enforce the merger agreement.

It is still possible that Musk wants to renegotiate with Twitter later when his team has analyzed the data provided by the social network.

Twitter has the right to sue you to comply with the current agreement.

Last week, in a meeting attended by the company’s more than 7,500 employees, Musk answered questions about freedom of expression, online content moderation, inclusion and diversity measures, remote work and possible layoffs.


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