Tzionis: & amp; quot; My best memory, the championship with Omonia & amp; quot;

Marinos Tzionis gave statements on the official page of Kansas City …


Regarding his presence in Kansas City: “I am very happy to be here. I look forward to the next challenge. I hope that in the next games I will score some goals and give some assists “.

For his move to celebrate the goal: “Thank God”.

For his best memory as a footballer: “The conquest of the championship with Omonia last season”.

The first thing he thought when he went to Kansas: “The weather when I got here was so cold. I told my manager… oh, what a weather here! “But now it’s fine.”

Ronaldo or Messi: “Messi, because I like the style he has when he plays. He works with his teammates, he scores, I like that “.

For his στο stylish model: “Myself”.

For the photo with μαλλιά green hair: “In Omonia, it is a tradition when you win a title to dye your hair”.

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