Ukraine: Pro-Russian Opposition Platform Party Banned - For Life

The pro-Russian and pro-Russian political party “Platform of Opposition – For Life”, which is openly supported by Moscow, has been officially banned from operating in Ukraine as it “undermines its sovereignty”, Ukrainian Justice Minister Denisky said today.

The court banned the “Opposition Platform – For Life” party, Maliuska said in a Facebook post, adding that Ukrainian justice had “decided to transfer all of the party’s assets, funds and other assets to the state.” .

The decision was expected, as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky banned the party from decree after the start of the Russian invasion on March 14.

The decision, as the minister stated, “also applies to his regional and local organizations, as well as to his other (…) structural entities”.

The “Opposition Platform – For Life”, founded in 2018 by Viktor Medvetsuk, one of the top Ukrainian businessmen close to Vladimir Putin, had about 30 deputies in the Ukrainian parliament before the start of the Russian invasion on the 24th. .

Medvedev, dubbed Putin’s best man by the media, was arrested in April for trying to flee the country, according to Ukrainian intelligence.

A total of “ten pro-Russian political parties whose activities are aimed at undermining the sovereignty of Ukraine” are affected by the decision announced today by the Ukrainian court.

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