UN: Extraordinary meeting on the situation of women in Afghanistan

The UN Human Rights Council will hold an emergency meeting on the situation of women and girls in Afghanistan after the Taliban seized power in the country, a spokesman said today.

The meeting, which is expected to take place on July 1st, was requested by EU countries in a letter to Council President Federico Viegega. They denounce the “significant deterioration” of the human rights of women and girls in Afghanistan since August 2021.

The signatory countries also intend to submit a draft resolution to the Council.

The situation of women and girls in Afghanistan has improved significantly in terms of access to medical care, employment and education since 2001 and the overthrow of the first Taliban regime.

After the seizure of power by the Islamist movement in August 2021 most of these rights were abolished.

On June 15, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights criticized the “systematic and institutionalized oppression” of the Taliban regime on Afghan women and girls, calling their situation “critical.”

Michelle Bachelet mainly criticized the “plague of gender discrimination” in the country after the return of the Taliban to power.

Tens of thousands of schoolgirls have been expelled from secondary schools, and many female civil servants have been fired.

The Taliban also banned Afghan women from traveling alone, to public parks and gardens in Kabul for a few days, and forced them to completely cover their faces and bodies when in public.

Last month, Taliban leader Hibatullah Ahunjada said women should generally stay at home.

“The strict restrictions imposed on women’s freedom of movement” negatively affect almost every aspect of their lives, including the ability of women and their children to access health services, livelihoods and humanitarian aid, “the High Commissioner said.

Access to humanitarian aid raises serious concerns in a country facing a deep humanitarian and economic crisis, especially in the wake of Wednesday’s deadly earthquake.

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