Users upload full movies to Twitter and the accounts are deactivated after several hours

Some users of Twitter They have tweeted entire movies through threads on said social network. Titles like ‘Hackers’ and ‘Need for Speed’ circulated on the social network and revealed that the copyright infringement policy may not be being applied correctly.

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“Watching the full ‘Hackers’ movie in one 49-part thread is the real Twitter 2.0,” posted a user.

According to its copyright policy, when this rule is violated, Twitter retains tweets and removes or restricts access to shared material if it has been reported.

“Twitter will respond to reports of allegeds copyright infringementssuch as reports of unauthorized use of a copyrighted image as a profile or header photo, reports of unauthorized use of a copyrighted video or image uploaded through our media hosting services, or Tweets that contain links to allegedly infringing material.”collect your web page.

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The Business Insider medium found various publications that allowed other users to access movies, without them being blocked by the social network. One user posted ‘Need for Speed’ in 66 tweets, managing to circulate on the platform for hours until Sunday afternoon, when he was recently unsubscribed.

The medium points out that a former social media executive expressed that the platform was at risk of suffering technical failures, since now they no longer have the same number of employees to maintain the platform.

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Remember that at the beginning of November Musk laid off 3,500 employees and, some time later, he presented an ultimatum to the rest in which he asked them to work “extremely hard” or give up. Nearly 2,000 people withdrew from the offices.

So far, the accounts that posted the movies have been suspended; However, the fact that they have circulated on Twitter for hours worries more than one.

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