Vampire Survival is a success at Rising.  In three days, he sold over 500,000 copies on Steam

Preliminary access to the vampire cooperative world has succeeded.

A few weeks ago, we informed you that a new vampire survival game, V Rising, is out there, which takes preliminary access to Steam attack. The game was incredibly successful during that time and managed to drive over 2 million players into the open world during the opening month. This is a really hussar piece for a smaller game of a similar caliber.

Here at the Stunlock studio, we are incredibly proud of the great start in Rising, which we managed in the preliminary approach“Rickard Frisegard, CEO of the studio, heard.”Our goal is to create the best vampire game ever, and this is a clear indicator that we are on the right track. We will continue to supply players with new survival experiences and content. “

The title will throw you on a server with up to 50 other players, with whom you will share a mysterious world to explore. As a newborn vampire, you will hunt monsters (and inhabitants), improve your skills, build a home and work with other players on the toughest bosses. Or you go with a friend to plunder the castles of foreign poor. The choice is yours.

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