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There is no widespread reduction in mobile price tariffs, but operators will diversify the offer from time to time with an action tariff, which is more cost-effective than those commonly offered. This is also the case with the new tariff with a completely explicit name “3 GB of data + 130 minutes of calling and unlimited SMS to all networks for a discounted price of 336 CZK” from Vodafone.

The operator offers it exclusively on the web as a time-limited offer – the tariff can be activated only until June 30, 2022. Almost all parameters of the tariff are stated in its name, it only remains to add that you can switch to the tariff from another operator as a new customer or as an existing Vodafone customer with prepaid card. The tariff is without obligation for an indefinite period.

In the current price list, Vodafone has a tariff with 130 free minutes, 1 GB and charged SMS (CZK 1.51 each) for a similar price (CZK 299 in this case). In the special offer, the customer will receive an additional 2 GB of data and a package of unlimited SMS to all networks for an additional CZK 37 per month. Even with other operators, it is not usually possible to get reasonable tariff offers for three hundred a month, it is necessary to wait for the special ones. For example (until the end of May), T-Mobile still holds its acquisition tariff Still online Data 4 GB Plus (we wrote here).

The special tariff appears in the operators’ offers several times a year, usually with different parameters and prices. Its task is to attract mainly competitors’ customers, which is why it is called the acquisition tariff in internal jargon. It is usually activated exclusively online via the Internet and is intended only for new customers or customers switching from other operators.

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