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With ironic regularity, Japanese Sony is innovating its range of wireless headphones with active noise cancellation – X1000. It introduced the first version eight years ago, during which time Sony has retained its original appearance with minor changes. That is changing now. After all – it was time to come up with something new.

The Japanese company has officially introduced the latest premium headphones with ambient noise cancellation – Sony WH-1000XM5. The basic novelties are a completely reworked design and especially the head bridge. And what else?

More microphones, another processor and a new converter

Active noise reduction is improved. In addition to the QN1 processor, it has been added processor V1. Place six is ​​now integrated eight microphonestwo microphones have been added to support beamforming, eliminating surrounding noise.

What a novelty function Auto NC Optimizer, which automatically optimizes the suppression of ambient noise depending on the environment (cafe, train, plane) and thus sets the noise suppression to maximum efficiency. The new design has integrated better wind suppression and better voice isolation during calls.

It should also play its part in improving noise reduction new, specially designed 30mm converterwhich, according to Sony, further improves noise reduction. The new inverter thus replaces the older 40mm, which was in previous models. According to Sony, the new driver features a “lightweight, rigid baffle and uses a carbon fiber composite material that improves high frequency sensitivity and ensures more natural sound quality.” Circuits are also optimized, Sony reports a lower noise level, which we can confirm.

New design with higher wearing comfort

Iconic design of the WH-1000X series with changes. According to the manufacturer, the Sony WH-1000XM5 is another step in the development of the style of this series. The noiseless design of the earphones is combined with a new type of soft leather with a smooth slider (but the head bridge is no longer collapsible). The new Soft Fit synthetic leather material fits better to the head, thus reducing pressure on the ears and blocking access to external noise.

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On behalf of the editors, we can confirm that the material is very pleasant and comfortable, against the predecessor, even with a completely new piece, there are no unwanted sounds and occasional creaking of the skin. So for now, we just praise the change. Along with another design comes, of course, another case – folding.

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Easy-to-use headphones

Adaptive Sound Control remains, like the popular touch control, a new feature that allows you to quickly start Spotify playback with two or three clicks.

Like its predecessor, there is a great Speak-to-Cha function, where the headphones automatically stop the music and give you the surrounding sound. When you end the conversation, the music starts playing again. The deployment sensor is not missing, it is no longer visible – the headphones will immediately stop playing as soon as you remove the headphones. Of course, support for voice assistants Google Assistant and Alexa.

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It is used for wireless connection Bluetooth 5.2, codecs are here AAC, SBC and of course an excellent corporate LDAC. Multipoint is not missing – you can pair the headphones with two devices at once. When a call comes in, the headset recognizes which device is coming from and connects you to the right one immediately. You can also quickly switch between devices by pressing.

Endurance on one charge remains 30 hoursso it is the same as the previous model, USB-C is used for charging, fast charging ensures 3 hours of listening in just 3 minutesand. The possibility of using the supplied cable, for a classic analog connection with an audio source, is also present.

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Sony boasts that, like its other new headphones, the case is made from recycled and sustainable materials developed specifically for the company. The WH-1000XM5 also uses recycled plastic materials from automotive parts.

New headphones WH-1000XM5 will be sold in black and platinum silver, the official price is 10 599 CZKwill be on sale from the end of May 2022.

We already have the headphones in the newsroom and we are actively testing, in the video you can see the first look and the basic comparison with its predecessor, we are preparing a traditional detailed test.

Source: TS, Sony

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