Mark Zuckerberg gives the metaverse a new chance.  Reuters Photo

The parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp is going through the biggest crisis in its history.

The auspicious winds that blew in favor of technology firms suddenly changed their course and today, the layoffs they are the order of the day. Twitter, Amazon and Goal they are shortening their templates and also canceling many of his projects.

The firm headed by Mark Zuckerberg executed a cut of 11,000 employees, which means the 13% of its staff. In addition, it froze hiring until the first quarter of 2023, as announced by the company’s CEO in a statement.

This represents the first massive job cut in his 18 years of ascent continuously. The decision will not only affect the multinational’s staff, but also disrupts some of the projects planned for the next few dates and which will never see the light of day.

A report by the Reuters agency states that, 46% of people Those who were removed from the company held technological positions, while the remaining 56% were related to commercial areas, according to Meta’s head of human resources, Lori Goler.

Mark Zuckerberg gives the metaverse a new chance. Photo Reuters

In the new context, the firm must be more efficient in terms of capital, which is why it has transferred a greater part of its resources to fewer areas high-priority growth areas, including artificial intelligence, advertising, and trading platforms.

At the express request of Zuckerberg, his commitment to the metaverseeven if it is a project considered high risk.

Portal: screens for video calls

The portal tablet, one of the first to be out of competition.

The portal tablet, one of the first to be out of competition.

The family of video calling devices Portal It allowed the user to connect in a closer way, applying artificial intelligence technology to his camera that moved and focused according to the movements, so that we were always well framed.

This decision led to the devices being discontinued. This would be a complementary measure to the one the company took at the beginning of the year, when it was decided that it would no longer be sold.

At the time, the company assured that these devices could preserve the privacy of users and protect their information. Thus, he indicated that it was possible to deactivate both the camera and the microphone and establish access passwords.

In addition, this product could represent, according to market estimates, barely 1% of the market global for Meta, so it was not convenient to maintain the development of the initial product or new versions.

first smart watch

Another of the projects that Meta had on track to take off at the end of 2023 was to enter the market for smartwatches to compete with other products such as the Apple Watch or the Pixel Watch with a self-manufactured and developed smartwatch.

Finally, after various rumors about possible functions and features, which included a camera included in the device, the project has been completely halted even before its arrival on the market and most likely will not be resumed in the short or medium term. term.

The personnel who were involved in the development of the smartwatch will become part of the company’s virtual reality glasses project, since the investments in Reality Labs are aimed at augmented reality through devices produced by the firm.


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