What is SnapchatPlus?  Meet the new Snap subscription service

Snap works at a paid subscription service you call Snapchat Plus, which will offer its users early access to new features that are implemented in the application and other exclusive benefits.

This new service has been advanced by Snap spokeswoman, Liz Markman, in statements to the specialized media The Verge. Markman has acknowledged that the company is conducting “internal testing” of Snapchat Plus, which is still in an early stage of development.

The spokeswoman describes this initiative as “a new subscription service for ‘snapchatters’”. In addition, she anticipates that it will include “experimental and exclusive” early access features.

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The reverse engineering expert, Alessandro Paluzzi, on his Twitter account, has already specified some of the new features that Markman advances. One of these advantages allows the subscriber to set the chat of his choice as his ‘# 1BFF’ (Best Friends Forever).

Snapchat Plus is also experimenting with giving its subscribers access to the whereabouts of their friends in the last 24 hours. Paluzzi clarifies that this function will only be available if they have previously shared their location with the user.

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Other features that Snapchat Plus tests is differentiating its subscribers with a badge, in addition to giving them access to exclusive icons and being able to see how many friends have revisited their stories.

Paluzzi also offers a first look at the provisional prices of Snapchat Plus. The subscription service proposes a payment of 4.59 euros per month, 24.99 euros for six months and 45.99 euros per year. In addition, a free trial week is offered.

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