What technological specialties have more demand and better salary in Peru?

Technological specialists are the most in-demand professionals today, due to the scenario presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. The digital transformation in companies has created a need for these experts to be in tune with the current economy.

“Technological advances and market trends are accelerating, more and more, digital transformation in companies. The latest PageGroup report notes that the search for technological profiles in Peru has increased between 50% and 60%since the pandemic began. However, as these professionals are scarce, many times organizations hire foreign professionals in remote work modality”, explained Gisela Camargo, academic director of Continuing Education of the Certus institute.

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Likewise, Camargo pointed out that, due to the lack of technological experts, Today, these types of professionals have greater bargaining power in the labor market.. Therefore, depending on your experience and degree of specialization, They can even access salaries that exceed S /. 9,000.

In our country, according to a Cisco report in 2020, there is a deficit of more than 17 thousand technology professionals. This lack of specialists can motivate the youngest to enter the world of technological experts, since they will not only be able to work for companies in Peru, but also with foreign companies.

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What technological specialties are most in demand and what is the salary in Peru?

According to Indeed, one of the largest job search engines in America and with a presence in 50 countries, these are the technological professionals with the highest demand in Peru.

  • Web programmer: the person in charge of coding a web page or a digital project, with great command of different programming languages. This specialist earns, on average, S/. 1,810 per month.
  • Web developer: Unlike the previous one, a web developer is responsible for all aspects of the project to work properly and be user-oriented. Whether as a Back-end or Front-end developer, this professional earns an average salary of S/. 2,438 per month.
  • Software developer: create computer programs or mobile applications of all kinds. In addition, they can develop gigantic computer systems for any company. The salary of this expert is, on average, S/. 2,915 per month.

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  • Cybersecurity expert: analyzes technological risks and develops strategies to prevent any transfer, cyber violation or potential threats. The cybersecurity specialist receives an average salary of S /. 3,337 per month.
  • JavaDeveloper: builds web applications adaptable to mobile devices to generate virtual spaces in which products and services can be offered, information stored and transactions carried out. His average salary is S /. 3,373 monthly.
  • PythonDeveloper: is a software developer specialized in the use of Python, a high-level programming language that is famous for being simple and multipurpose. This specialist is one of the best paid in our country, since he earns around S /. 6,155 a month.

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