WhatsApp already allows you to react to messages and other important changes in the application

The WhatsApp messaging application has implemented several changes in recent weeks that seek to improve the experience of its users at different levels, such as education or work with the transfer of larger files or leisure with reactions to messages.

Reactions to messages

The founder and CEO of the technology company Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, announced on May 5 that reactions to messages on WhatsApp They are already available to users and little by little it has spread among all users in the world, something that users in Peru are already experiencing.

“Reactions on WhatsApp start working today”, The manager has written in his personal Facebook account, followed by a series of emoticons that could be those available in the messaging application.

These are the thumbs up emoticon, the heart, the crying face of laughter, the surprised face, the sad face and the hands together in gratitude. The latter has been added to “help spread thanks and appreciation”, as reported by Zuckerberg, in addition to ensuring that “more expressions will come soon”.

Files up to 2GB

WhatsApp It has also implemented an improvement in its messaging application by which it now allows you to upload files of up to 2GB to share them through chats.

The technology company began a test in Argentina at the end of March with which it allowed users in this country to send and receive files of up to 2GB, a leap from the 100MB limit that it allowed then.

A couple of weeks later, Meta shared its work in what it has called the Communities, and together with this its intention to extend the extension of the file limit to the rest of the user within the next news for the groups.

Since last Thursday, the groups already allow the sending and receiving of files of up to 2GB at one time, “and with the protection of end-to-end encryption,” the company confirmed in a statement, which believes that “It will go a long way in improving collaboration between small businesses and school groups.”

Delete messages in group chat

WhatsApp He has been working for months on the possibility that the administrators of a group chat can delete a message for all the participants, who will also know who has been in charge of that deletion.

Group admins, who are able to manage chats and add or remove contacts, will be able to remove a message for all participants in a future update. WhatsAppwhich will be notified to the rest in the chat itself and in the place where the original message was previously.

This notification, in addition to indicating that the message has been deleted, will also show who has decided to do so, as collected by the specialized portal WABetaInfo of the changes introduced by version of the WhatsApp beta program for Android.

End-to-end encryption

WhatsApp is working on a footer notice reminding users that their conversations within the instant messaging application are protected with end-to-end encryption.

End-to-end encryption is a security mechanism with which only the sender and receiver can access the information that is exchanged. This method has become popular over time, to prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing the information that is shared, and has been present since 2016 on WhatsApp.

The ‘app’ incorporated this protection first in its text chats and, since then, it has also been deploying it in its voice calls and video calls, in addition to its States and backup copies.


Issues to be resolved 200 days before the Qatar 2022 World Cup
Issues to be resolved 200 days before the Qatar 2022 World Cup

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