WhatsApp: double security?  Now a permission notification will appear every time you enter from another device

WhatsApp works on a new security feature that focuses on sending a notification when the app detects a login attempt from another device, which the user will need to allow or disallow.

The instant messaging platform owned by Meta currently has a unique verification system using a six-digit PIN code, which is entered before registering a WhatsApp account in a new terminal.

Given this context, WhatsApp has been working on a double verification code system when logging in to iOS and Android for some time. In this way, When the first login attempt is successful, another six-digit code will be required to complete the process.

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In addition to this new system, the app is also immersed in the development of a new security layerwhich will send an alert to platform users in the event of any illegitimate access attempt to their account, according to WABetaInfo.

This portal has noticed this feature in version of WhatsApp for Android, launched through the Google Play beta program, where it has had access to this authorization system.

So, you have verified that, once a user wants to access a certain account, the device on which it is being used will receive an alert, which will be displayed in the form of a pop-up window.

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In it, it will be indicated that someone is trying to open this profile in another terminal and details such as the type of smartphone with which this attempt is taking place or the time in which said action has been carried out.

Then, the user will have to choose if they want to ‘Allow’ or ‘Disallow’ the login of their account on a different mobile than the one you are currently using.

WABetaInfo has indicated that this functionality is still in the development phase, that it is not available to beta testers and that it is still unknown if it will finally reach the rest of the users.

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