Whatsapp administrators, with more power.  Photo: Shutterstock

WhatsApp’s short-term plans aim to give users even more power. group administrators. Currently, they can kick participants, designate which other users to share the role with, or choose who can enter the chat. WhatsApp announced that now will allow you to delete any message from the conversations.

The attributes of the group administrators, who are currently able to manage the chats and add or delete contacts, will have the power to delete any message for all participants in the next WhatsApp update.

However, the deleted message will leave a small trace, as it will be replaced by a text that will warn other users that the administrator has deleted it. Therefore, the performance will be similar to private chats.

“All admins will be able to remove erroneous or problematic messages from chats to help keep groups safe and respectful,” said Jyoti Sood, WhatsApp product manager.

Whatsapp administrators, with more power. Photo: Shutterstock

This notification, as reported by the specialized portal WABetaInfo, will come into force with the release of version of the WhatsApp for Android beta program.

The portal also recalls that the technology company works in an extension of time during which a message can be deleted for all participants in a group chat, with options of 12 hours and two days.

This new WhatsApp feature will give more power to group administrators, but at the same time, will limit the freedom of the participants from the same group. Time will tell if it really is a positive or negative change for the community of app users.

The other news

Among the next new features of the platform, there are also audio calls of up to 32 people “with a totally new design” and the possibility of sharing larger files.

While the limit is currently 100MB, the company has announced that it will soon allow users to send photos, videos or documents up to 2GB.

In addition, Zuckerberg himself announced in a Facebook post that reactions to messages on WhatsApp are now available to users. With this function, which is already used by other platforms such as Telegram, Slack, Facebook Messenger, it will allow the user to react to any message with an emoticon.

The available emoticons will be the thumbs up, the heart, the crying face of laughter, the surprised face, the sad face and the hands together in gratitude. The latter has been added to “help spread thanks and appreciation”, as reported by Zuckerberg, as well as ensuring that “more expressions are coming soon”.

WhatsApp is also working on a feature called “communities”, which will allow administrators to merge multiple groups into one. To give an example: this new option will make life easier for a school principal, since he will be able to share the most important updates with all parents, and create separate groups for specific classes, extracurricular activities or volunteer needs.

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